Who Me?  Horse Shower Curtain

Who Me? Horse Shower Curtain

  • $59.95

This beautiful Horse Shower Curtain features a gorgeous bay horse looking over his shoulder as if he is waiting for you to come with him on a grand adventure. It also looks like you may have busted him doing something a little naughty! You will never be alone as his intent yet playful eyes will follow you as you enjoy your bathroom. Buy this fun horse shower curtain today and bring you love of horses inside.


This amazing horse shower curtain is printed from an exclusive image taken by Bob Langrish. We are only offering a limited number so order yours today before they are all gone!


Bob has been exclusively photographing horses over the last 44 years. A true horse lover, he has worked at 7 Olympic games, completely illustrated over 150 books on horses worldwide and works for magazines in 20 different countries.


Not only does these amazing horse shower curtain capture this horse's expressive personality, but it is available exclusively on AnimalLuvrZ! You will be enjoying work of art that is way more functional than a framed photograph!


I addition to a simple horse shower curtain, this horse wall art can be hung on your wall as a horse tapestry or used as a horse curtain by simply adding curtain hooks.




  • Size: 70 x 70 inches (178 x 178cm)
  • 100% Woven Polyester Oxford Cloth
  • Printed Front & Buttonhole Openings


These are custom made so please 12-24 days for production and shipping