Bay Horse Running Slip-On Sneakers Footwear-Brown and Green Vans Shoes Style-Black or White Sole - Licensed Artwork - Women's & Kid's Sizes

  • $52.98

Brown and Green Bay Horse Running Slip-On Sneakers Footwear - Vans Shoes Style - Black and White Sole - Licensed Artwork - Women's & Kid's Sizes

Do you love horses? If so, you will love these shoes featuring a Bay running free in a field! This is an exclusive image taken by Bob Langrish.

Bob has been photographing horses over the last 44 years. A true horse lover, he has worked at 7 Olympic games, completely illustrated over 150 books on horses worldwide and works for magazines in 20 different countries.

These popular vans womens shoes and kids sneakers are the perfect womens casual shoes for any ardent horse lover!  Modeled after the popular vans skate shoes they are both functional and a work of art.  

These one-of-a-kind shoes are not sold in stores. A benefit of online shoe shopping, they are exclusively printed by our company. You will be wearing a work of art!

These shoes are an EXCLUSIVE DESIGN and not available elsewhere!!

These cool and comfortable sneakers footwear feature:

  • Exclusively Licensed Horse Artwork from Bob Langrish
  • Full front-toe canvas print. Choice of white or black sole
  • Elastic stretch instep for easy on-and-off use.
  • Soft textile lining with lightweight construction for maximum comfort
  • High-quality canvas construction for everyday use and durable EVA outsole for exceptional traction

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